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Roads to Peace
Clinton County Women’s Center, Inc.
34 West Main Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

(570) 748-9509 – hotline
(570) 748-9539 – administrative

PA Relay Service: 1-800-654-5984 TTY
Universal Relay: 711

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If you want to relocate to a safe place

We assist victims of domestic violence. We welcome anyone who needs services.

Roads to Peace is free and confidential and available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for individuals in Clinton County who need a safe place to stay. We offer a limited stay for individuals who are in a domestic violence situation which is unsafe and dangerous. We are a caring group of people who believe all people have the right to a life free from the fear of violence. If you are not ready to leave your situation, listed are a few safety tips:

Keep a spare set of keys, clothing, important papers, medication, and money in a place you can easily get to in case you must leave in a hurry.

Clinton County is a small, rural community of approximately 40,000 community members. The shelter itself is located in downtown Lock Haven. It is within walking distance to the bus station, the local university and various stores nearby. We have no public transportation available except for taxi service which can be costly. We have public housing available; however there is often a 6 month to a year wait for some individuals. Apartments rent for approximately $650.00 and up. The school district in Clinton County is very comparable to most of the state. Lock Haven University is available for those who wish to return to school to continue their education. We have a local hospital and the job market is fair. School bus service is available for those who wish to relocate to this area and want to enroll their children in school. The school district will provide bus transportation to and from school during your stay at the shelter.