Roads to Peace Legal Advocacy

Roads to Peace Legal Advocacy

At the shelter, a Legal Advocate is available to assist with legal options and to provide information concerning Protection from Abuse orders, also known as a PFA’s.  If you would like us to advocate for you, please call the hotline and we can walk you through the options listed below. Our main goal is to help keep you safe.

What is a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)?

According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV), In Pennsylvania, a PFA order from a court gives protective “relief” for a victim (and sometimes their children) for a period of up to three years (for final orders). A person can file for a PFA order from the court for themselves, or on behalf of their minor children. A PFA describes various types of protections for the victim. For example, a PFA order can make it illegal for the abuser to contact, harass and abuse the victim and the victim’s children, it may order the abuser to return personal property. An abuser’s violation of a PFA may result in criminal charges. A judge can grant a PFA for up to 3 years.

Who Can Obtain a PFA?

A victim of abuse may file for a PFA against an intimate
partner or a family member, such as:

  • Spouses or Ex-spouses
  • Domestic partners
  • Same-sex partners
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Persons related by blood or marriage (including
  • Current or former sexual or intimate partners (including
    dating relationships).

Pennsylvania’s PFA Act does not protect victims who experience abuse by a stranger, or a roommate with whom the victim is not intimately involved.


What is a Sexual Violence Protection Order (SVPO)?

According to PCADV in Pennsylvania adults and minors can petition for a Sexual Violence Protection Order. For example, a SVPO could be granted for a victim who is sexually assaulted by a coworker, and who has no other relationship with the coworker, is not now or never was a family relation, spouse, dating partner, or member of the same household as the coworker. An SVPO can be pursued if the offender is a stranger, a co-worker, or an acquaintance of the victim. A judge can grant an SVPO for up to 3 years.


What is a Protection From Intimidation Order? (PFIO)
The Protection From Intimidation Order was created to protect minors when the offender is age 18 or older. For example, a PFIO could be granted for a child whose sports coach or an adult friend of the family is stalking or harassing him or her.
A judge can grant a PFIO for up to 3 years.


Emergency Order (After hours and weekends)

  • You must make a call to the Communications Center (570-725-3501) and ask for the District Magistrate on-call.
  • The Magistrate will meet you at his office to hear the complaint.
  • If awarded, the PFA would be in effect until the next business day the Court House is open.

Temporary Order

  • You will need to complete a Pro-Se order form available at the Court House.  The Judge will review and sign the order (to their findings)
  • The order is in effect until the final hearing.

Final hearing

  • You will have to give testimony before the County Judge.
  • If awarded, the PFA would be in effect for 1-3 years.


Clinton County Courthouse
230 East Water Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Directions to courthouse


How can the Roads to Peace help with Protection Orders?
Protection Orders can be a complex thing to understand when you aren’t used to navigating them on a daily basis. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have. We are here to help you in any way we can.
Trained advocates can:

  • Sit with you and talk about options and safety.
  • Provide the necessary paperwork or the Pro-Se PFA paperwork and enter it onto the Protection from Abuse Database system.
  • Accompany you to the courthouse.
  • Assist in obtaining legal representation for the final PFA hearing.  If funds allow.
  • Accompany you to the final hearing.
  • Attend hearings with you if criminal charges are associated with the PFA.
  • Support you and the decisions you make.

Clinton County, PA

Magisterial District Judges

Honorable Judge
Keith G. Kibler

Magisterial District Court 25-3-01

301 Frederick St. Suite 100
Lock Haven, PA 17745
(570) 893-4086
(570) 893-4060 Fax

Honorable Judge
John W. Maggs

Magisterial District Court 25-3-02

385 Beech Creek Ave, P.O. Box 174
Mill Hall, PA 17751
(570) 726-4064
(570) 726-7920 Fax

Honorable Judge
Frank P. Mills

Magisterial District Court 25-3-03

112 Ninth Street
Renovo, PA 17764
(570) 923-9931
(570) 923-1218 Fax