Roads to Peace Housing Advocacy

Roads to Peace offers emergency shelter to clients in need, as well as, services relating to attaining and maintaining housing. The staff helps clients by going over their personal housing preferences and then help them to find places suitable to meet their needs. Staff can help to advocate on behalf of survivors with referral letters, MOU’s and utilizing trauma-informed care with landlords in order to attain housing, as well as offer referrals to partner agencies. The trained staff help clients to work through their goals in order to attain housing, in ways such as helping with goal-oriented transportation and helping inform clients of businesses that may be hiring, etcetera.

When a client finds a suitable living space, staff can help clients to locate financial help by giving resources to different types of aid when needed, and we can help to furnish homes by giving resources and/or seeking out help from others and/or partner agencies. The staff aids clients in maintaining permanent housing by helping clients to prepare a personalized budget plan or to help them understand/manage their finances in general via the Allstate Program, teaching them the basics to being a good tenant via the PREP program, as well as checking in with clients to give them any necessary resources or offer help wherever they may be in need after seeking our services.

We offer referrals to 2-1-1, the largest source of social services in the U.S, to help accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Contact Sassha ( or Stephanie ( for all of your housing needs